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Welcome to JoJo’s Vineyard

The website is being updated and will be ready by the end of July 2022. This is some very simple information about JoJo’s, what we’ve done and what we’re going to do moving forward. The first still wine will be available in August 2022 and first sparkling will be August 2024

If you have any questions please email Ian or Tess to – and we’ll come back to you straight away. or by phone – Ian – 07967 637 985, Tess – 07969 621 504

Have a look inside JoJo’s vineyard. A live camera in the Bacchus block. Watch the vines grow. They can grow 1cm per day when the sun’s out and the vines are well fed.

The Vine Blocks
The Vine Blocks

These are the vines being grown at JoJo’s. The various varieties will give great choices when the wine is being made. 

We will be making:

  • Sparking White & Rose
  • Still White & Rose
  • A Light Red